Oct 22 2014

Miso Quinoa with Adzuki Beans

by Kathryn Budig

After a full week of wedding festivities (aka a strict diet of champagne and cake), my husband and I are feeling the need to detox. We polished off our last bite of carrot cake and told the remaining bubbly bottles to hit the road (or at least hang tight in storage until our livers are […]

Oct 5 2014

It’s Proper, y’all

by Kathryn Budig

                    I had never heard of pimento cheese until my parents moved to Charleston. It was an unnaturally good cheese dip that normally concluded with an awful stomach ache and huge dose of regret. Aside from not being the most healthy dip in the world, dairy […]

Oct 2 2014

‘You So Fancy’ Lunch

by Kathryn Budig

My fiancé and I were discussing Mexican food in depth this morning, and it left me with a severe hankering for something wrapped in a tortilla. I’m on a health kick, so the idea of heaping piles of refried beans and cheese didn’t really appeal (I mean, it sorta did— but I’m trying to stay […]