May 18 2015

Persephone Salad

by Kathryn Budig

  A Goddess Worthy Salad This gorgeous springtime salad has it all—creaminess from the avocado, tartness from the pomegranate seeds, tangy from the pickled onions, salty from the feta, refreshing from the fennel and spicy from the dressing and peppers. I was trying to name this gorgeous salad when it hit me—Persephone! The greek goddess […]

May 5 2015

Beet-Stained Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

by Kathryn Budig

Breakfast of Champions! I love smoothies. I think toast is the perfect vehicle for nut butters, honey and jams. I get a little emotional over waffles and clap my hands at the mention of brunch. Breakfast cuisine is always a hit with me, but what about when you want to switch it up? I often […]