Sep 28 2015

Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Spicy Lemon Shrimp

by Kathryn Budig

    Slap Ya Mama Good! I had a long, full weekend of work and travel and found myself staring into space in my bathrobe once I returned home, wondering what I was going to eat for dinner. I was so tired that I thought I’d have a dinner of broth and call it a […]

Sep 12 2015

Golden Beet Pasta with Okra

by Kathryn Budig

  Pantry Pasta to the Rescue! I had a full morning with very little fuel. I kicked off the day by teaching a local class for Under Armour at Belk, followed by a martial arts conditioning and sparring class that had me resembling a ripe, drenched tomato by the end of class. I ran a few […]

Sep 10 2015

Aim True Book Cover Reveal!

by Kathryn Budig

    I couldn’t be more excited to show you the cover of Aim True, my new book about loving your body, nourishing your spirit, and discovering true balance, going on sale March 29th, 2016! Please help me spread the word by sharing this image. Tag it with the hashtag #aimtruebook between now and Sunday […]