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Eat Clean, Play Dirty

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My Story is Worth Telling

I made a new friend yesterday. ⠀⠀ Kate and I grabbed drinks with Jamie Tworkowski, founder of the amazing organization, To Write Love on Her Arms. This soft spirit has dedicated his life to reminding others that theirs matter. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ After a few hours of talk about love, heartbreak, work, and of course –basketball and […]

Schooled by Birds

I was feeling particularly melancholy as I stared out the car door window, the urban New York City landscape whisking by.   I had a few absolutes I was grateful for: the affirming squeeze of my love’s hand as she artfully wove in and out of traffic; the comfort of the passenger seat in my […]

Staying True

      Staying True   A sampling of messages from people who’ve decided to stop following my social media over the past few weeks:   #unfollowing   Just lost my following.   I’m done here.   Time to quit following!   I get it: this highly charged political environment affects us all. It seems […]

Care to Run?

I’ve never been much of a gym rat. In fact, I often associate running on a treadmill with dark forms of punishment. Fast forward to my current dark age and that’s where you’ll find me — in a gym, on a treadmill, doing my best to find a sliver of joy as the balls of […]

I Am …

I am the storm. I am the calm. I am the hurt. I am the healing. I am the problem. I am the solution. I am all things. So … bring it. photo: Andrew Cebulka

The Truth About Competitiveness + Jealousy

    Major truth bomb: There will always be people more successful, better looking, younger, stronger, more privileged, further along in life, etc. than you. Always. The powerful variable is how you manage those emotions. Ask yourself, do you:   A. Constantly grumble about how awful your ‘competitor’ is. Slowly dissect them into whatever multitude […]

Get Back on the Tightrope

Balance means there’s a chance you’ll fall. The odds of crashing and burning are strong and, in a word, human. We all fall sometimes, but true balance belongs to the individuals who are willing to compose themselves and get back on the tightrope. Balance belongs to the yogi who is unafraid of the fall. You […]

Home is where …

Home is where the heart is. Where the naps await, the sweatpants loosen, and the bedhead tangles. Home is where the puppies dance and practically speak, the kitchen beckons, and the long strolls never end. Home is where the city speaks, the F train rumbles, or the fog horn blows. Home is with my loves; wherever […]

Woman of Will

  ➳What does it mean to be a woman of will? ➳ You’re FIERCE yet VULNERABLE. You are the definition of determined. You season every action with discipline and skill. Every story and lesson is told by the beads of sweat on your face. Every scar, laugh line and burn makes you who you are. Nothing stands […]