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Tomatillo Pozole with Coconut-Lime Crema

      Alison Roman is my culinary hero. If you don’t know who this food goddess is, I will shelve my pity and just give you the information: she is a regular columnist to NYT Cooking + Bon Appetit, as well as the author of the wildly delicious cookbook, Dining In. Do yourself a favor and […]

Homemade Guacamole with Dan Churchill

  I recently had the privilege (and absolute blast) to create and play with the amazing Australian chef, Dan Churchill. We enjoyed a glorious day in DUMBO at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and whipped up three of his simple dips perfect for sporting weekends. We filmed two videos, one on his YouTube page and the […]

Superbowl Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

      GAME TIME!! Superbowl Sunday. The mecca for delicious and not even remotely healthy food. If you can pop it, dip it, scoop it—game on. We all deserve to indulge, but the problem for me is paying the price afterwards. It always seems like a good idea, until my digestive system throws down […]

Coconut Cream Fruit Bowls

    My Sweet Tooth’s Hero!   I’m more of a savory person than sweet, but when my sweet tooth aches, it aches hard! I keep chocolate bars around for those hankerings, but sometimes they just don’t hit the spot. I need something more purposeful. An actual dessert with a spoon instead of breaking off […]

Farmer’s Market Helper

    My Childhood Favorite All Grown Up   I grew up in Kansas where the ultimate treat was picking out a new flavor of Hamburger Helper for dinner. I was always overcome with excitement at the prospect of a new, fancy box wielding a new promising delicious flavor. Of course, fast forward to being […]

Sweet Potato ‘Pasta’ with Spicy Vodka Sauce

Different Than the Real Thing, Baby! . . . .and different is a good thing! I’ve gotta say, I’m in a pretty committed relationship with my spiralizer. Dr. Will Cole has me off grains for a while as we work on strengthening my digestion, so I’ve been replacing my deep affinity towards pasta with veggie noodles […]

Walnut Meat Tacos with Sun Dried Tomato Spread

Meaty Meatless Tacos!   I was recently getting my lashes done with the amazing Daniella Allen out of Charleston, SC. I basically lay there for an hour or so with my eyes closed, so we have ample time to talk about anything ranging from family life, travel, to recipes. She was going on and on […]

Sweet Potato Turkey Cakes with Kimchi Ketchup

  You Say Potato, I Say Turkey Cakes   I love potatoes. To quote one of my best friends, “I’ve never met a potato I haven’t liked.” I also grew up on meat balls and have a fond place in my heart for this style of protein. The idea of blending a potato with a […]

Roasted Beet and Grilled Orange Salad with Chive Dressing

A Summer Solstice Salad   Happy Summer Solstice! Yesterday was the longest day of the year where the sun seemingly stands still and light fills up the world. It’s the first day of summer which means a season of welcomed bright salads. I’ve made it my duty to eat a salad with every dinner this […]

Persephone Salad

  A Goddess Worthy Salad This gorgeous springtime salad has it all—creaminess from the avocado, tartness from the pomegranate seeds, tangy from the pickled onions, salty from the feta, refreshing from the fennel and spicy from the dressing and peppers. I was trying to name this gorgeous salad when it hit me—Persephone! The greek goddess […]