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A Practice for Maty Ezraty (1963-2019)

  Samasthiti.   I stand at attention at the front of my mat. This is where a typical Ashtangi would meld their hands in namaste as they diligently recite the ashtanga invocation: that thread of melodic Sanskrit. I never really knew more than what the Madonna’s song taught me, because you … you — my […]

Cherry Chocolate Coconut Flour Muffins

  These tasty, grain-free muffins can be eaten for breakfast or dessert (or at any hour of the day for that matter)! These puppies are chocked full of fiber (which means nice and filling), an easy way to get protein, and perfectly portable. They are delicious with chocolate and cherries, but also work with any seasonal […]

Activated Charcoal to the Rescue!

    Why you should try it: natural tooth whitener powerful detoxifier natural blackhead remover/facial purifier   What you’ll need: a bottle of activated charcoal capsules (available at most natural food stores) bentonite clay (for the face mask) raw apple cider vinegar (for the face mask)     Give it a whirl: 1. To try it […]

I Am …

I am the storm. I am the calm. I am the hurt. I am the healing. I am the problem. I am the solution. I am all things. So … bring it. photo: Andrew Cebulka

The Truth About Competitiveness + Jealousy

    Major truth bomb: There will always be people more successful, better looking, younger, stronger, more privileged, further along in life, etc. than you. Always. The powerful variable is how you manage those emotions. Ask yourself, do you:   A. Constantly grumble about how awful your ‘competitor’ is. Slowly dissect them into whatever multitude […]

Get Back on the Tightrope

Balance means there’s a chance you’ll fall. The odds of crashing and burning are strong and, in a word, human. We all fall sometimes, but true balance belongs to the individuals who are willing to compose themselves and get back on the tightrope. Balance belongs to the yogi who is unafraid of the fall. You […]

Home is where …

Home is where the heart is. Where the naps await, the sweatpants loosen, and the bedhead tangles. Home is where the puppies dance and practically speak, the kitchen beckons, and the long strolls never end. Home is where the city speaks, the F train rumbles, or the fog horn blows. Home is with my loves; wherever […]

Budig Book Club

    Budig Book Club!   I love to read. Perhaps it’s escapism, or maybe it’s the best way for me to flex the creative muscles of my brain. It allows me to travel the world (or even realms) without leaving my seat. It fills my mind with wonder, inventiveness, and the hunger to put […]

The Balanced Blonde

The Balanced Blonde     I’m so excited to share this beautiful woman with you. Jordan Younger is renowned for her blog, The Balanced Blonde (previously known as The Blonde Vegan). She just released her first book, Breaking Vegan, which documents her journey through extreme dieting, orthorexia, and eventually her recovery to find balance. It’s a […]

Aim True Book Cover Reveal!

    I couldn’t be more excited to show you the cover of Aim True, my new book about loving your body, nourishing your spirit, and discovering true balance, going on sale March 29th, 2016! Please help me spread the word by sharing this image. Tag it with the hashtag #aimtruebook between now and Sunday […]