Sep 29 2014

Here Comes the Injured Bride

by Kathryn Budig

I have 18 days till I get hitched and I’m under the impression I should be super stressed out about it.



                                          photo: Amir Magal Photography

Bob and I are constantly being told how amazingly calm we are for a couple about to wed. Everyone keeps sending messages of concern, checking in, have we killed each other yet, etc. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier. We’re about to have the best party of our lives surrounded by the people who love and support us the most. Plus, I’m going to let my inner fashion diva go wild while consuming copious amounts of delicious cake and macarons. Sounds like a dream come true to me.

Aside from gorgeous gowns and beautiful sweets, the planning processes has been quite smooth. Is there underlying stress? Of course! There’s been small bumps in the road, but it’s more about not being home enough to enjoy the process. I’m also 2 days away from handing in the first large chunk of my new book, and still have another work trip to tackle before I wed. My brain has been on complete overload with juggling my blogs, sponsorship obligations, travel, teachings and this this little thing called my personal life.

Routine is anything but routine for me. I long for it in a world of constant movement and travel, and found solace in a new workout class called Madabolic. It became my daily routine with my fiancé, and my body was thrilled. Keep in mind I am a bride-to-be, and am experiencing a bit of that ‘gotta look smokin’ hot’ phenomenon. I don’t believe in diets (hell, I can’t even go a full committed day without sneaking a bit of chocolate or glass of wine), but I am disciplined enough to get my butt in gear before special events.

I was just hitting my stride and feeling awesome when I managed to majorly tweak my left rotator cuff last week. It’s an old injury that once sent me to physical therapy for months, and an old pain that has brought up way more emotion in me than just desiring an ice bag.

My initial reaction was fear—I can’t go through this again. Too much time off from my practice and being active. I NEED to be active, I CRAVE routine and was just hitting my stride. I want to be as physically fit before my wedding day as possible!

All of these thoughts swarmed through my head as I went into instant repair mode—epsom salt baths, chiropractor, massage, electro-stim, therapy bands, ice bags, essential oils (yes, I could heal an army). My amazing body worker came over to help out, and came up with a simple answer for me. She simply stated,

“You have everything that you need.”

This statement instantly turned off the symphony of questions and fear in my mind. How long would it take to heal? Will this affect my wedding? Will I be okay for my photo shoot at the end of the month? Will I hurt it again when I think I’m ready to be active?

I have everything that I need. I have everything that I need.

The injury just so happens to be on my left side. My feminine side, the part of my body that is open to receiving and acceptance. Of course, I never hurt my right side—my masculine side, the side that teachers, helps, assists and gives. That side of me MUST work at all times. This dominate side that knocks out any form of balance with my yin side. The in-balance that makes me think there’s more and I must keep working.

The answer is simple. I DO have everything I need. If your mind won’t respond to your needs, the body will. An injury isn’t a tragedy, it’s your body’s way of saying you MUST slow down. If you won’t do it, I will do it for you!

So now I’m slowing down. Taking care of my body’s needs. I’m sleeping more, enjoying sweatpants and knowing that my body will be perfect for my wedding day. There’s no routine or diet I need to follow to be a glowing bride, I just need to accept balance, love and patience—which is what our marriage is all about.

Will I accept knowing that I have everything I need in this very moment? Yes, I do.