Oct 17 2016

The Truth About Competitiveness + Jealousy

by Kathryn Budig




Major truth bomb: There will always be people more successful, better looking, younger, stronger, more privileged, further along in life, etc. than you. Always. The powerful variable is how you manage those emotions. Ask yourself, do you:


A. Constantly grumble about how awful your ‘competitor’ is. Slowly dissect them into whatever multitude of tiny negative pieces you can dream up. Validate yourself by assuming they don’t deserve their success. Basically create a whole load of emotions that will slowly and surely poison you.


B. Be happy for another human’s success. Take note at the methods and tools they used to step into their success. Be inspired by that potential, and remind yourself that you can (and will) experience your version of success in your very own unique way.


Let your competitive nature stoke your inspirational fire — just drop the envy.


-Side Box image excerpted from Aim True

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