Mar 8 2015

Woman of Will

by Kathryn Budig


➳What does it mean to be a woman of will? ➳


You’re FIERCE yet VULNERABLE. You are the definition of determined. You season every action with discipline and skill. Every story and lesson is told by the beads of sweat on your face. Every scar, laugh line and burn makes you who you are. Nothing stands in the way of fulfilling your intention and executing it with finesse. You might have the eye of the tiger, but you have the soft underbelly of a cat. You know the road to success is paved with even bricks of determination and surrender. You share your story without fancy filters or edits to protect your pride. You offer yourself raw on a platter as a lesson for other women to learn from. You expose your joy and pain, helping all realize we’re in this together as a tribe of sisters.


You’re WISE yet TRUSTING. You study every situation and apply yourself accordingly. You learn from the high moments, but realize your true teacher lies in the low. You view your ‘enemies’ as your best teachers, but know when it’s time to create healthy boundaries and cut people out of your life that no longer serve you. You don’t burn a bridge, you just take a different route. You don’t try to change people, but rather set the example for how you’d like to see people behave and wish them well on their journey. People come and go and you trust in the process. You know your words and actions have the power to create a goddess or scar them for life.


You’re INSPIRED yet UNIQUE. You find inspiration all around you—from your mentors, your co-workers or even those younger or less experienced than you. You fuel up daily from these wells of knowledge without letting ego get in the way. You see each person for what they are—the only person capable of offering their style of inspiration into the world. They’re not competition, they can’t beat you—they can only inspire you to sing your message louder so it can reach the ears that need to hear it. Blueprint isn’t part of your vocabulary. You look up to the people who inspire you, you pay them regular gratitude, but you promise not to mimic them as this would be a disservice. Instead, you take their beautiful lessons and let it stoke your own unique fire so that you can go out into the world offering what is raw and true to you. You know that there is enough work and love for everyone, and by joining forces we only become stronger and inspire others around us to do the same. You are your own woman and not ruled by the expectations of others. You dust offensive opinions off your shoulder and continue to walk to the beat of your own drum.


You’re STRONG yet COMPASSIONATE. There’s no weakness in showing compassion, in fact the words strength and compassion are synonymous. You show your power by helping all of those who ask for it—especially from the ones that intimidate you or make you uncomfortable. You always share your knowledge in hopes that the listener will take your experience and further its reach with their own unique spin. You lift people up when they feel small and empower everyone around you to be on the same level. You’re an excellent listener and weaver of truth. You see yourself in everyone and always offer a hand of assistance. The same applies to yourself—you are compassionate to your own needs, understanding when you need to be nurtured or when you need a swift motivational kick in the arse.


You are a beautiful blend of everything listed here. You are grateful, you are humble, you are forever a student, yet unafraid to be a role model to all. You are a daughter, a friend, a sister, a mother, a goddess. You are a woman of will, and no one can break that.


To all of my tribe—Happy International Women’s Day. This is dedicated to all of the women who have helped me along my path and continue to inspire me to be the woman that I am and will become.


photo: Under Armour Women for IWILLWHATIWANT